Axium Pole - Black Edition (Regular)

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Regular 2 piece pole with integrated handle.

Axiumfit's original Axium pole offers a full multi-gym in one lightweight compact piece of equipment.

The Axium pole removes the limitations of conventional anchors, enabling all angles to be worked thus targeting more muscles groups.

The multi-point anchor can also be used to shorten the working distance of a resistance band. Removing the need for large areas to perform workouts #hook high loop low #hook low loop high #axiumpole #axiumfit 

The Axium pole is manufactured here in the U.K. with the highest quality of British steel, making it incredibly strong, durable and finished to the highest standard.

This one piece of kit is all you need to level up your fitness from full body workouts to rehabilitation. 

Team it with our Axiumfit bands and accessories for endless workouts.

We recommend the Axium pole is fixed to a solid wall with the fixings provided.

Optional door brackets can be purchased for a less permeant fixing.

Order now to level up your resistance training and start your Axiumfit journey.


  • 1x Axium pole
  • 2x wall brackets
  • 2x resistance bands


1900mm long 30mm x 30mm


Head over to the free Axium YouTube channel and find the workouts to suit your personal goals or mood.

From 16 to 60, experienced or new to fitness we cover all....

  • Single muscle workouts
  • Full body workouts
  • Core workouts
  • Hiit routines
  • High paced cardio workouts

Coming to our Youtube channel soon...

  • Boxercise style routines
  • Full body blaster
  • Fat burner
  • Booty building
  • Mobility and rehabilitation

With many more to come, updated monthly workouts.

Start your Axiumfit journey today

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