Hotel Room Workout

With many of us traveling for work nowadays and often staying away from home in a hotel room, it can be hard to keep up your fitness routine, and if you've spent the time getting into your best shape yet you're not going to want to miss a workout.

If you're lucky enough to have a hotel gym and the time around work to go then great, however this isn't always the case.

So, I'm going to go through a few exercises that you can put together to give yourself a quick 20-minute hotel room workout, no matter your fitness level.

You won't need much equipment for these exercises so let's get going.

As with all workouts, do a quick warm up to avoid any injuries. 

Hotel Room Workout

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a great workout for quick cardio in a hotel room and they can also be used to get your body warmed up.

Bicycle crunches

Lay on your back on the floor with your legs raised off the ground.

Put your hands behind your head, with your elbows out to the sides, try to keep your neck relaxed.

If you don't have an exercise mat, try doing these on the bed.

Keeping your core tight, bend your left knee and bring it towards your chest, whilst lifting your shoulders up off the floor and twisting to bring your right elbow in to meet it.

Your right leg extended out still.

Now extend your left leg back out, bringing in your right leg to meet your left elbow.

Continue bringing in one knee at a time meeting the opposite elbow.

Seated band row

Set up your Axium pole mini and resistance band. Sit in front of it, holding either end of the band in a neutral grip, arms extended.

Sit up straight, don't lean forward, core tight.

This is your starting position.

Pull the band back, until your elbows are behind you and your hands are by the side of your chest.

Pause for a moment, squeezing your back then slowly return to the start.

Hotel room workout

Hotel room workout



The plank is an amazing full body workout routine. It exercises your arms, back, chest, abs, legs and even your feet.

It's the perfect bodyweight exercise for a hotel room as it requires no equipment and minimal space.

Start by getting on all fours, you can either have your arms straight, palms on the floor or on your forearms.

I like to hold my hands together if I am on my forearms.

Now start extending your legs straight out behind you, so you are now supporting your weight on your toes instead of your knees.

Position your feet so that they are at about hip width apart. T

his is your starting position.

You want to hold your core tight and engaged.

Don't let your back arch up or dip down to the ground.

You want a straight line from your heels through to your head.

Hold your plank for as long as you can.

Side plank

To get into a side plank position, start in your regular plank.

Now lift up your left hand and rotate your whole body, keeping it straight, to the left. Reaching your left arm straight up above your head.

You will now be supporting yourself on your right arm and your right foot. Keep your core engaged and leg straight throughout.

Hold for as long as you can.

Remember to switch sides after each exercise.

Front shoulder raises

This is a really easy upper body hotel room workout that will really get your shoulders burning.

If you want to build your shoulders and can't get to a gym, then this is the one for you.

Set up your Axium pole mini and grasp your band in your right hand. Step forward to create tension.

Standing strong with feet shoulder width apart, hips square.

Starting with the right shoulder, slowly lift your right arm up to your shoulder's height. Keep your right elbow locked out straight.

Pause and slowly lower.

Once you have finished your reps for one arm, switch sides.

Hotel room workout

Hotel room workout

Tricep dips

Your triceps make up two thirds of the muscle mass in your upper arms, so toning these will make a huge difference to your arms appearance.

Also getting rid of those bingo wings!

Grab a chair and sit on the edge. If there isn't a chair, try doing this on the edge of the bed.

Place your hands on the chair by your sides, fingers facing forward. Extend your legs straight out in front of you, with your heels on the floor.

Now lift yourself up and off the chair and bring yourself slightly forward of the seat.

Slowly lower yourself, bending at the elbows as low as you can to the floor, then push up back to your starting position.

That is a triceps dip. As you push up, focus on contracting your triceps.

If you are finding this too difficult, bring your feet in closer to yourself, with a bend in your knees.

Seated high row

The seated high row is a great back exercise that you will want to include in your workout.

Set up your Axium pole mini and hold your band in either hand.

Sit on the floor facing the door, knees bent, feet flat touching the door.

Arms should be straight forward and up in the direction of your Axium pole.

Now slowly pull back and down until your hands are by your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Pause and slowly release.

Hotel room workout
Hotel room workout

Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are another great hotel room workout that will really improve your core strength.

Your core is so much more than your abs, it's all the muscles around your pelvis including your pelvic floor muscles and your lower back.

Lay on your back on the floor or the bed, with your arms by your sides. Your palms should be resting down on the floor.

Now squeeze your abs and lift your legs a few inches off the ground. Legs and knees straight.

Now slowly lift one leg higher than the other, then lower. Keeping your feet from touching the floor.

Now lift the other leg higher, then lower. Keep alternating sides, one foot then the other for as long as you can.

Bicep curl

The bicep curl is definitely one you want to include in your hotel room workout.

Having a strong bicep really helps give your arm definition and who doesn't want toned arms.

Set up your Axium pole mini and loop your band at a low point.

Grasp the band in one hand. Stand feet hip width apart, take a few steps back so that you have tension in your band.

Keeping your elbow tight to your body, slowly curl your forearm up towards your chest.

Concentrate on contracting your bicep as you do so. Hold for a moment then release slowly.

Hotel room workout

Push ups

Push ups are great for your upper body, including your shoulders, chest, back and core.

They work multiple muscles so burn through calories and will get your heart pumping.

Get into your plank position but up on your hands not your forearms. Arms slightly wider than your shoulders.

This is the standard push up position.

Slowly lower your chest down to the floor by bending your elbows.

Pause for a moment then push up, driving your weight through your hands.

That is one push up.

If you find this too hard, you can do this exercise with your knees bent on all fours.

Incline push ups

Using any stable surface in your hotel room, like a chair or even the edge of the bed, perform a push up with your upper body slightly elevated off the ground.

High knees

High knees are a simple but effective exercise that you can do with no equipment.

It gets your heart pumping for cardio but also gives your lower body and core a good workout.

This can be done as a stand-alone exercise, or you can use it as a warm up exercise.

Start with feet hip width apart, arms by your sides. Stand tall, shoulders back.

Bring your left knee up towards your chest, whilst bringing your right arm up.

Now quickly bring your right knee up with your left arm. Alternate one leg then the other as quickly as you can.

Right leg, left leg etc.

Reverse lunges

Lunges are one of the best leg and glute workouts, and as you work one leg at a time, they are great for improving muscle imbalances.

Set up your Axium pole mini and hold your resistance band in either hand.

Your starting position is feet flat and shoulders width apart.

Take a large step back with your left foot.

Keep most of your weight on your right leg, drop your hips as low as you can.

Your right foot should be flat, and your left foot lifted at the heel.

Keep lowering until both your knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Your left knee should be nearly touching the floor and your right knee above your right foot.

This is your reverse lunge position.

Drive back up, pushing through your forward leg.

Switch legs and repeat leading with your left leg.

Hotel room workout


If you're looking to complete a hotel room workout whilst you're away instead of lounging on your bed, all you need is an Axium pole mini and a few resistance bands.

There's no need to let your fitness routine go out the window because you're away in a hotel room with no access to a gym.

You can still do a whole-body workout without even leaving your hotel room. 

Just head over to for your Axium pole and resistance bands.