Best workout without going to the gym

With ever rising costs of day to day living, people are looking at ways to save money, and sadly it seems like expensive gym memberships are amongst the first thing to get canceled.

Nowadays you would be lucky to get a membership for under £60 a month, so I can see why these are getting cut! 

Eating healthily and training, if only for a few minutes each day is vital for your physical and mental health.

So I am going to give you a few tips and workouts you can do in your own home or even a hotel room if you're away traveling for work, that require minimal space and no bulky expensive weights to keep you going.

Best workout without going to the gym

Why you should exercise and why it is so important for you

Exercise and your mental health

Just getting 15 minutes a day of exercise in can really improve your mental health.

If you're suffering with anxiety, depression or even ADHD, exercise can be really beneficial to your life.

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel good and boost your self-esteem. 

Training actually relaxes your muscles so is great for releasing tensions and stress, also being active and energetic during the day will help you sleep better at night.

Regular workouts can give you a sharper memory, as training prompts the brain to grow new brain cells so this will help fight off age related memory loss and keep your mind sharp.

Exercise and your physical body

At home workouts, whether it be a cardio workout - a brisk walk, a strength workout or a quick seven minute workout just to raise your heart rate can be massively beneficial to your body.

Not only will it increase your fitness levels and it is fun, but they help you burn fat, aid weight loss if that's your goal and build muscle.

The stronger your body is the less likely you are to injure yourself doing your daily activities.

If you have a good strong core it will help prevent back pain, your balance will be better leading to less accidents and so will your posture.

Aim to workout several times a week, if only for a few minutes if possible.

Check out these simple workouts you can do at home

Overhead tricep extension

Your triceps make up about two thirds of the muscle mass in your upper arm, so if you're looking to get it shapely and toned, then this is one for you.

It will tighten up the underneath area,  the bingo wing as some people call it.

Your tricep is responsible for straightening out your elbow, by contracting and it also plays a big part in supporting your shoulders so it is definitely an important exercise to do.

To do this workout you will need a few pieces of equipment, a resistance band and an Axiumpole.

Attach your resistance band to your Axiumpole slightly higher than your head height.

Standing with your back to your band, hold the band with your elbows bent, behind the back of your head.

You can hold both the ends of the band in each hand if you want, or just work each separately.

Take a few steps forward to create some tension.

Slowly extend out straight in front of you, pause and then slowly release.

That is one extension. 

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Start with a low strength resistance band and as you get stronger, move onto a stronger band.

Best workout without going to the gym

Best workout without going to the gym


Squats are another workout that you can do in your house and can really help you shape and build muscle in your legs and glutes.

They require absolutely no equipment.

If you want to really push and challenge yourself you can add in some weights, maybe hold a couple of milk jugs, or try looping a small resistance band around each leg to create extra resistance.

As squats work large muscle groups, they burn through calories aiding weight loss if that's your goal.

If you up the intensity they will count as cardio too so they are definitely a great workout to include in your routine.

To begin, stand feet shoulder width apart.

Stand up tall, hold your abs in, and squat down, bending at your knees and hips, almost like you are sitting in an invisible chair.

Don't let your knees come over your toes, proper form is so important, always hold your abs tight and back straight.

Push up through your heels to your standing position.

That is one squat.

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

You can always add in a jump at the end to up your cardio.

As you push back up to your standing position, jump straight up as high as you can.

Best workout without going to the gym

Push ups

Push ups are the perfect fitness workout to include in your routine and can be done with absolutely no equipment and anywhere.

Not only will they work your upper body and arms, they also work your abs and glutes.

If you really want to make your push ups more challenging you can add in a resistance band.

It's a workout that uses a lot of different muscle groups so it will get your heart pumping and doubles as cardio.

There are many different variations of push ups, so as your fitness levels increase, try the more challenging versions listed in our Strength training without weights blog.

To start, get into a high plank position up on your hands, just slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

Form is so important so you need to focus on keeping your abs tight and your back and body straight.

Imagine a straight line from your head all the way to your feet. Don't let your back dip down or arch up.

Bend your arms and slowly lower yourself towards the ground.

Pause and hold for a moment and then push up back to your starting position.

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Bicep Curls

This is another great exercise that you can do at home without a gym.

Training your bicep will give your arm a more toned appearance.

Your bicep is responsible for supporting your elbow and helping your forearm rotate.

If you're looking for stronger arms then this is definitely one for your workout routine.

You will need a resistance band and an Axiumpole to anchor your band to.

Loop your band around a low point of your Axiumpole.

Hold the band in one hand and curl your arm up from the elbow.

Really focus on squeezing your bicep muscles.

Hold and slowly release.

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Start with a low strength resistance band and as your fitness levels increase, you can increase the strength of your band, like you would add more weight if you were in a gym.

Best workout without going to the gym

Kick backs

Kickbacks are the perfect workout for your glutes, when done with correct form, they work all three of your glute muscles, really helping to shape your butt.

They are also a great workout for your legs especially your hamstrings and will really help with stability and balance.

You will need a resistance band and something to anchor it onto for this exercise, and make sure you warm up your legs before this exercise.

Attach your resistance band to a low point of your Axiumpole. Now attach the resistance band to one foot using an ankle strap.

You will be working each leg individually so remember to switch sides after.

Facing your Axiumpole, take a few steps back to create some tension in the band.

Keeping your abs tight, and standing strong, balance yourself on one leg and kickback your working leg.

Hold at the top for a moment and then slowly release.

Tips- keep your working leg as straight as you can during this exercise and really focus on squeezing your butt at the top of the movement.

Engage your core and hold onto your Axiumpole if you're a beginner and need help to balance.

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Best workout without going to the gym


Seated row

The row is an important exercise for your back.

Having a good strong back will help improve your posture, prevent your shoulders from rolling forward and help prevent back injuries.

This workout also exercises your upper arms, and will help you feel stronger doing daily activities, for instance that involve pulling.

You can perform this either seated or standing.

If you are standing, it exercises your core and legs also as they will be working to stabilize you and keep your balance.

Loop a band around your Axiumpole at about chest height, whether you are seated or standing.

You can either hold either end of the band in each hand, or attach either end of the band to an exercise bar.

Position yourself facing your Axiumpole and take a few steps back to create some tension in your band before you start.

Sit or stand up straight, shoulders back, core engaged, and slowly pull the bar in towards your chest.

Pause for a moment and then slowly release.

Try 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Stick to using a band with less resistance until your fitness levels increase and you get stronger.

Then move onto using a band with more resistance, like how you would up the weight if you were training in the gym.

Best workout without going to the gym

Best workout without going to the gym

Try these different workouts a couple of days a week.

Increase your fitness, build strength and muscle, lose weight, get in shape and feel better about yourself.

Other exercises you can do with no gym required


Walking is a really good workout, as a warm up or as your workout.

If you don't have a treadmill, get outside in the fresh air.

Brisk walking will get your heart rate up which is great for increasing your fitness levels and weight loss.

Remember to stand up straight, shoulders back and engage your core.

Having a good posture whilst walking can help prevent you from injury.

Walking is a great way to workout without putting too much stress on your joints. Try to get 10,000 steps done each day.

Step ups

These are great to tone your lower body, your legs and glutes.

Use your stairs at home, or find a bench whilst out on your walks.

Step up with one leg and then back down with the opposite, remember to alternate so you work each leg equally.

This sort of workout helps improve balance and as you are working each leg individually, it helps to correct any muscular asymmetries.

Jump rope

A jump rope is perfect for hiit workouts, this will really get your heart pumping and help with your fitness level plus it's fun!

It is an upper and lower body workout. You can use a weighted rope if you want to escalate this exercise.

It can be used for warm up exercises or a cardio routine.

It will help strengthen your ankle muscles and improve your coordination. It will also improve your cardiovascular health, it can improve bone density and improve your breathing efficiency. 


Yoga is a mixture of meditation and breathing exercises with various different poses designed to help you de-stress and relax.

Yoga is also great for balance, flexibility and increases muscle tone.

Yoga also teaches you how to breathe, which is very important during your workouts.

Try upping the intensity by adding some resistance bands to your yoga routine.

Pull ups

These are a perfect workout for the upper body.

Not only will it give your back, shoulders and forearms a good workout, but it also exercises your core.

A strong core is vital for posture.

Regular pull ups will increase your overall fitness, build strength and burn through calories as it works several muscle groups.

For more information on pull ups, jumping jacks and bodyweight exercises check out our How to workout at home without weights blog.

And finally…

You don't need a gym or even a treadmill to get into fitness and workout, there are plenty of ways to get in shape by working out at home.

Even if you're away from home, staying in a hotel room for work, there is no excuse not to stick to your workout plans.

A few minutes each day will make you look and feel amazing.

So save time and money and instead of rushing to hit the gym, increase the intensity of these bodyweight exercises with some Axiumfit bands and start your fitness journey!

Best workout without going to the gym